Master of Healthcare and Stress Management (60 credits)

  • MHSM701 Introduction to Healthcare Management (6 credit)
  • MHSM702 Mental Health at Work (6 credit)
  • MHSM703 Infection Prevention and Control (6 credit)
  • MHSM704 Care Skills (6 credit)
  • MHSM705 Stress, Anxiety and Health (6 credit)
  • MHSM706 Introduction to Stress Management (6 credit)
  • MHSM707 Public health in community settings (6 credit)
  • MHSM708 The Caring Manager in health and social care (6 credit)
  • MHSM711 Research Methodology (3 credits)
  • MHSM711 Research Skills (3 credits)
  • MHSM720 Thesis (3 credits)
  • MHSM700 Practicum (60 hours)

Course Overview

Mode: Distance Learning

Duration: 1-2 Years

Upon finishing the 10 core modules, students will be progress to their second stage of the program, Research. Each student will be assigned a supervisor, after the research methodology sessions, students are required to keep contact with his supervisor while writing their thesis.

After finishing the program, students should be able to:

  • Understand how the recovery model can be used to support people with mental problems to return to work.
  • Understand how mental health problem related to employment.
  • Identify the role of caring management or leadership in reducing stress when implementing change in health and social care.
  • Demonstrate the relationship between health, anxiety and depression.
  • Understand the basic skills of infection prevention and control.
  • Understand the technique of giving care and de-stress.

Exemptions by RPL

  • Holders of Postgraduate Diploma or equivalent qualifications in this field , can directly enter the second stage; OR
  • Applicants with more than 5 years industry experience, ideally with management experience, can be considered for exemptions of stage 1;


  • Course works for 10 modules
  • Thesis (minimum 15000 words)
  • Practicum : 60 hours, and one written report (minimum 3000 words)

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree holders or equivalent qualifications related to Healthcare and Wellness Topics; OR
  • Bachelor Degree holders in other majors, having at least 3 years of industry experience.

* Applicants who do not meet the academic requirement but who possess sufficient professional experience in the Healthcare and Wellness field may be admitted provisionally into the program.
* Please send your full resume and previous qualifications to us at, applications are reviewed by our Academic Manager throughout the year.

Practicum Arrangement

Student may start the Practicum upon finishing the stage 1 study. The aim of this experience is to provide graduate students in Healthcare Promotion and Wellness Management with an opportunity to apply the professional knowledge they have gained in their previous study to a professional setting. In addition to participating in the daily operation of the site, student will submit a document that describes the learning experience, (3000 words) and required to return the evaluation form signed by the practicum site.

* We accept adult learners with industry experience to apply for the exemption of Practicum, by submitting one letter to state your experience, job description and recommendation by the organization. But student still need to submit the 3000words written report required in this module.