Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management (60 credits)

  • MHM701 Global Operations and Total Quality Management  (6 credit)
  • MHM 702 Competitive advantages for hospitality   (6 credit)
  • MHM703 Tourism and Hospitality Principles and Practice (6 credit)
  • MHM704 Tourist Behavior (6 credit)
  • MHM705 Food and Beverage Operations (6 credit)
  • MHM706 Advanced hospitality operation (6 credit)
  • MHM707 Information Technology (6 credit)
  • MHM708 Hospitality business development and entrepreneurship (6 Credit)
  • MHM708 Thesis (12 Credit)
  • MHM709 Research Methodology
  • MHM710 Research Skills


  • Students with more than 5 years of industry experience can apply for the Level 7 RPL Test (Recognition of Prior Learning). Those who pass the Level7 test can directly enter the final stage and submit an industry report/research paper of a minimum of 15,000 words.
  • Holders of Postgraduate Diploma or equivalent qualifications in this field, can also directly enter the final stage
  • Relevant degree holders can submit their transcripts and certificates, and apply for credit exemption review

After passing the Level 7 RPL test, students are required to

  • Attend a 6-hour Research Methodology class (online)
  • Submission of topic
  • Submission of Proposal
  • Finish the dissertation under the guidance of an assigned supervisor